Lodge History

Stage 1 
The Dispensation to work as a Masonic Lodge was granted Aug 29, 1972.

Stage 2 
The Lodge successfully demonstrated its competence in the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason Degrees, and was Chartered as the Delhi Hills Free & Accepted Masonic Lodge on Oct 13, 1973. It is required that a new Lodge must have worthy and experienced individuals as Worshipful Master and Senior Warden.

The First Worshipful Master was Theodore M. Gay 1972-1973, who presided from August 1972 until the post-Charter Elections in November 1973. WB Gay was appointed Chaplain every year.

Stage 3
First Past Masters from The Delhi Chairs– Brotherhood & Harmony

WMs Ted Gay and Dorsey Ball guided the Lodge with such effectiveness that the third Master of the Lodge could be drawn from those who first became Line Officers at Delhi. Bro. Kenneth Crosby and Jimmy Merritt both worked hard and satisfied that criteria.

Many Awards came to the Lodge in these early years, but by the 1990’s Freemasonry was working towards a renewal. Two Brothers Randy Proctor and Jay Mathis both served as WM three times. W. Bros. Jack Arkle & John Marwede were yearly re-elected as Secretary & Treasurer. In 2002, Ernest Doc Weiler was the 30th Master, and the Lodge received a GOL Builders award. In 2003, Bruce Scherer was 31st Master and the Lodge received the FMDOA award as lodge of the year. In 2004 Sherman Scherer was 32nd Master & the Lodge received 4 FMDOA awards, including MM Ritual. W. Bro. Bruce Scherer was Worshipful Master for 2005. WB B. Scherer also served the First Masonic District Officers Association as First Vice President.

Merger with Queen City #559 F&AM

In 2015 after several months of discussions and votes from both lodges it was voted on and agreed that the two lodges would merge under the Delhi Hills Lodge name and number. Queen City had a rich heritage which we are very proud to now be a part of. H. Ray Evans was the Grand Master of Ohio in 1992-1993, He selected Right Worshipful Brother Jack F. Jercher to serve as his Grand Tyler for the ensuing year. RWB Charles W. Black served as District Deputy Grand Master in 2010-2011. All of these distinguished brothers now add more depth to our great history.

Post Merger 2016-Present

WB Marty Paff is currently serving the First Masonic District Officers Association as the President and WB Joshua Stansell is serving as chaplain of the Society of Past Masters.