Distinguished Members

It is our honor to have these distinguished and dedicated brothers as members of Delhi Hills!

Most Worshipful Brother H. Ray Evans 33º, PGM

Right Worshipful Brother Jack F. Jercher 33º, KYCH, PDDGM, PGT

Right Worshipful Brother Charles W. Black, PDDGM

Right Worshipful Brother Edward C. McIntyre 33º, PDDGM

Right Worshipful Brother Harvey C. Lowery 33º, PDDGM, Past President FMDOA, Past President SOPM

Right Worshipful Brother H. Clayton Powers 33º, PDDGM, PGC

Illustrious Bro. William C. Dietz 33º, Past Prelate York Rite Commandery

Worshipful Brother Randall A. Proctor, Past Potentate Of Syrian Shrine

Worshipful Brother William N. Hunter, Past DEO

Worshipful Brother George A. Petrou, Past DEO

Brother William M. Williams, Past President FMDOA 1937

Worshipful Brother George C. Baldwin, Past President FMDOA 1957

Worshipful Brother Bruce M. Scherer, Past First Vice President FMDOA

Brother Bryan Cox, Scottish Rite Dyslexia Center Board of Trustees

Brother Carl E. Idler, Syrian Shrine Trustee 2017-2021

Worshipful Brother Marty W. Paff III, Past President FMDOA 2018

Worshipful Brother Joshua D. Stansell, Past Chaplain SoPM

PGM – Past Grand Master
PGT – Past Grand Tyler

PGC – Past Grand Chaplain
PDDGM – Past District Deputy Grand Master

KYCH – Knights York Cross of Honour
DEO – District Education Officer
FMDOA – First Masonic District Officers Association
SoPM – Society of Past Masters